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How I Became An Elephant TRAILER

Here is the long-awaited trailer. How I Became an Elephant premieres at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California, on Dec. 4th at noon.

Juliette West is angry. Her anger is driven by love, love for all that is natural and free.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival - How I Became An Elephant takes the Best Children's Program award.

RTC's film How I Became an Elephant competed with over 40 other films from Animal Planet, BBC, NAT GEO, Disney Nature and many others for Best Children's Program. Director Tim Gorski and Composer Cody Westheimer took home the award. This is a great honor for Rattle the Cage as Jackson Hole is the world's premiere wildlife film festival.

How I Became An Elephant Released Globally

Watch the full movie here. You can download the elephant documentary to own or rent it right from this page.

Carnism Awareness - New Film Production

While in pre-production on 2 other feature docos, we are producing a 5 minute video for Carnism Awareness. Please visit our crowd-funding project and check it out. Pitch in. We have some nice rewards. It's going to be a terrific piece. Please share this link far and wide.

Thai flood rescuers wonder "Where were the global animal charities?"

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2011:

Thai flood rescuers wonder, "Where were the global animal charities?"

Filmmakers Create a Market for Misery and Death

From The Washington Post
Posted at 12:01 PM ET, 10/23/2011

On Tuesday, the owner of a private exotic animal preserve released his captive beasts, then killed himself. Ohio law enforcement officers spent the following day tracking and killing the animals, as residents cowered in their homes. The spectacle of tigers and bears loose in Midwestern yards captivated the cable-television news cycle.


CHANGE.ORG story on "How I Became an Elephant"

by Laura Goldman · December 05, 2010

During Thailand’s annual Elephant Roundup, 300 captive elephants twirl hoops, throw darts, engage in mock battles and perform other routines for an audience of thousands.

But there was one less elephant performing last year. A severely injured, 40-year-old female named Ratree was rescued from the roundup by Juliette West, a 14-year-old from Pacific Palisades, Calif.

How I Became An Elephant, a documentary about the rescue and the plight of Southeast Asian elephants, premiered this week in Hollywood.

LOLITA now available as streaming video

Our first film, LOLITA: Slave To Entertainment, about Lolita, the orca kept at Seaquarium in Miami, is finally available for online streaming. This means no matter where you are you can watch the film without shipping costs or format issues. Please spread the word.


"How I Became an Elephant" Played played to an audience of over 400 people on Thursday, December, 2nd at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

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