Gypsy Geek Blogs Tim Gorski and Paul Watson with interviews

Timothy Gorski is a film maker and animal activist who walks the walk and talks the talk. There is absolutely not one shred of hypocrisy about him, neither in the products he uses, the food he eats, the life he leads or the causes he defends. And this is very rare to find and see put into practice in the real world. Very rare indeed. His first film, Lolita – Slave to Entertainment which he had written, directed and produced, went on to garner 11 awards and was his campaign to highlight the conditions of whales in captivity. He has also done innumerable works and projects to aid, rescue and heal domestic, wild, captive, stray and abused animals through the years and had made videos to highlight the killing of dolphins years before the documentary The Cove was released last year.

One of the most down-to-earth and humble people I have known, a couple of years back I’d attended the premier of the documentary At the Edge of the World with him at the Toronto International Film Festival for which he was the cinematographer and had spent several months in Antarctica on board a ship with the crew of Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson. The documentary would go on to win eight awards in various festivals including the Haskell Wexler best cinematography award for Tim.