How I Became An Elephant TRAILER

Here is the long-awaited trailer. How I Became an Elephant premieres at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California, on Dec. 4th at noon.

Juliette West is angry. Her anger is driven by love, love for all that is natural and free.

Juliette is fourteen years old. She hails from Los Angeles and is on a mission to save the world’s largest land mammals. But time is running out. The SE Asian elephant is facing extinction in the wild and the animal entertainment and elephant trekking industries are growing exponentially.

Elephants in the wild and in captivity are dying at an alarming rate. With few laws for protection and so much corruption within the system the situation looks bleak. But two women will stop at nothing to reverse the damage.

After single-handedly raising funds Juliette embarks on a life altering journey to Thailand to meet her hero (and soon-to-be mentor), The Elephant Lady, Lek Chailert. They are determined to make a difference.

This is a story of two women, one from the East, one from the West, coming together on common ground, saving elephants. It’s the coming of age of a young passionate emerging woman joining forces with the wise eastern animal advocate and philosopher on an enlightening journey together, a journey of compassion, action, and hope that is sure to motivate audiences young and old. The message: no matter what your age, ethnicity, or disposition, no matter what the cause, you can make a difference.

How I Became an Elephant was filmed in entirely in HD on location in SE Asia. The Film Premieres in Hollywood, California on December 2, 2010 at the Artivist Film Festival.