Fazeela Mubarak – Volunteer Coordinator

Fazeela is an accountant by profession but a wildlife advocate at heart who dedicates countless hours of volunteer work to Rattle The Cage, Care for the Wild, African Network for Animal Welfare, Kenya Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (facilitating animal rescues), Ulinzi Foundation, Walk with Rangers,  and Kenya Wildlife Service. 

Fazeela liaisons between Kenyan organizations and Chinese expats on several educational outreach programs and is committed to designing and implementing long-term sustainable solutions for African Wildlife. 


Jonathan David Kane – Director / Cinematographer – IMDb Page

Jon never stops moving. He’s written, directed, produced, dozens of award-winning shorts at SxSW and Toronto INTL FILM FESTIVAL. His enthusiasm and determination to create positive change through his art led him literally to the “edge of the world.” A South Florida resident, much of his filming is done in Florida, but his work has taken him to such far-off places as Nepal, Thailand, Burma, and onto the Antarctic ice with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. His cinematography has been recognized with the Grand Jury Prize for Cinematography at the Atlanta Film Festival and “Best Documentary” award at the Monaco Film Festival. His work on Rattle the Cage Production’s At the Edge of the World resulted in Haskel Wexler’s “Best Cinematography” award at the Woodstock Film Festival.

Cathy Cooper – Producer 

For the last 20 years, Cathy has served as a Producer, Director and Field Producer of some of the biggest events in the adventure sports world, including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, OLN's Picabo Street's SnowZone, NBC’s World of Adventure, Red Bull and Baja Off-Road racing events, the Ford Adventure Sport Challenge, the Balance Bar Adventure Series, Ford Gorge Games, Global Extremes (involving 40 days on site at Everest Base Camp for ABC/OLN), ESPN/ABC X-Games and numerous other elite events. In this capacity, she worked closely with both networks and production companies and managed sizeable crews and teams.

In the last 2 years, Cathy has traveled to East Africa 3 times to promote and raise funds for conservation efforts for wildlife, specifically for elephants and rhinos. 


Michael William-Paul - UN World Photographer / Producer 

Michael William-Paul is a New York–based Producer, Director, Photographer and Philanthropist. His work encompasses international campaigns, commercial advertising, creative new media campaigns, film/television production and a unique collection of celebrity and candid political portraiture. He has worked with the United Nations since 2001 on matters relating to developmental sustainability and MDGs. Additionally, he is involved with various International Governments, Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)and has participated on many expert panels.

Combining his role in producing image content with culture and sustainable development led him to establish Universal Models for Peace (UMP), an organization committed to projects related to the goals of MDGs. Recently brought on as CCO of the World Forums Organization. Michael is the CEO of MWP Studios his production company with flagship location in New York City.





Tim is the vision and the force behind the films of Rattle The Cage Productions a non-profit production company focusing on wildlife conservation and animal welfare issues. He is an award-winning director and producer of three critically acclaimed films. The latest, How I Became An Elephant received the Best Children’s Program award at the esteemed Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

His passions for exploring social, wildlife, and environmental issues have landed him in some precarious positions around the globe. He sailed the Antarctic Southern Ocean with whale warriors, trekked across Kenya with armed wildlife rangers, explored the foothills of the Himalayas in search of the elusive Red Panda, filmed with the Prince of Bhutan in the world’s most dangerous bicycle race, and was embedded with rebel Shan forces in Northern Myanmar.

Tim spent 2 years undercover in the jungles and illegal wildlife markets in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and China and has investigated over 130 wildlife entertainment venues across SE Asia. His body of work has received more than 40 accolades worldwide including the Haskel Wexler Best Cinematography award for daring to film the Antarctic Whale Wars in the Southern Ocean. He received an MFA in film from Miami Univ. of Art and Design. He is a certified AHA animal rescue disaster first responder and has conducted numerous animal rescue missions during some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters – Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Rita, the Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and The Bangkok floods of 2011. He has worked on every continent and is now continuing his mission to protect wildlife from illegal trade in Africa. IMDb Page

Brandy Chen – Production Coordinator 

Brandy’s master’s degree in Conservation from University College London, coupled with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, means she’s always trying to get into people’s – and animal’s – heads. Her passion for conservation and animal welfare has been reflected in her career which has taken her from wading for frogs in Europe to planting trees in Hong Kong via catching snakes in Taiwan, watching pandas in mainland China, and swimming with sharks in the Philippines.

A keen salsa dancer, rock climber and traveler, Brandy was Associate Producer on 2014 season of Discovery Channel’s Golden Bell Award nominated “Fun Taiwan All-Stars”.

Phil Wollen - Animal Advocacy Advisor / Philanthropist / Public Speaker

If David is Obi-Wan then Phil is our Gandalf. Phil lends his wisdom, his wit, and his charm to the creative consortium. Phil’s Ted Talks have been viewed and shared by millions worldwide. He’s the founder and CEO of Kindness Trust - "Act, don’t react. See a need, fix it first. Worry about the details later. If you wait until you are asked you have just missed a golden opportunity." 

ASSOCIATIONS - Australian Conservation Foundation; Amnesty International; Australian Sports Foundation; Beyond Zero Emissions; Christian Blind Mission International; Daw House Foundation; Edward Said National Conservatory of Music Palestine; Food not Bombs; Friends of the Earth; Gawler Foundation; Healesville Sanctuary; Huon Valley Environment Centre; Limbs for Life; Manipal Hospital; Melbourne University Gus Nossal Research; Morning Star Children's Learning Centre; PIMHANS; SA Children's Ballet Company; Taralye Australia; Trinity College; Very Special Kids; Wilderness Society Australia; World Vision.

Simeon Houtman – Cinematographer – IMDb Page 

Simeon is a five-time Emmy-winning cinematographer that has a deep passion for animals and creating content that inspires people to make a difference. Simeon recently returned from Tanzania after working on a new anti-poaching show aimed at helping to save the African Elephants. He spent the best part of seven years sailing around the world documenting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society including five seasons of the Animal Planet # 1 rated show “Whale Wars”.

Now based in the States, Simeon is currently working in Alaska as a Director of Photography for BBC Worldwide. The show “Life Below Zero” is the second highest rated show for National Geographic. Simeon has worked in the industry for over ten years and has experience filming in all seven continents!

David Hamlin – Executive Consultant

​David is our Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is a two-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker at National Geographic. He came to the Society 16 years ago as an adventure filmmaker, working in the Himalayas, equatorial rain forests, and polar regions. Over the last decade, David has changed his focus to wildlife filmmaking, traveling the world multiple times in pursuit of wild places and stories. He has captured some of the Geographic's finest images on land, in the air, and underwater. His recent work includes the National Geographic Channel's landmark series "Great Migrations."- www.nationalgeographicexpeditions.com/experts/david-hamlin



Eli Weiss – Executive Consultant and Matriarch

Eli brings to the team great wisdom and a wealth of knowledge regarding African people and wildlife. She is the founder of the WildiZe Foundation and a Voice of America Talk Radio talk show host - WTR, LLC

Eli is a long time advocate for African people and wildlife. She produced the very first anti-ivory poaching film to break into China. Join host Eli Weiss as she discusses Our Wild World with experts and guests from around the world (Tim Gorski appeared twice on her program.) Breaking news, and thoughts and actions we can all do in finding ways to transition in a changing world and shifting paradigms. Her expertise lies in field coordination, community organizing, logistics, fundraising, professional wildlife photography, and writing. Her program airs every Monday at 8am Pacific Time. Archives available on Stitcher and iTunes.  Our Wild World Talk Radio

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